Busy, busy, busy.

Phew! I started this blog a few days ago, and I had planned to blog at least everyday.

Instead, I suddenly got swamped with orders and requests!

I’ve got a new tutorial coming very soon though, so you guys hang in there!


Using Layers to Create a 3D Effect: Part 1, PicsArt

Good morning!  I sure hope everyone slept well! Did you get all of the fonts you wanted installed? (If you’re having any trouble, please ask for help! You can also check out PicsArt’s very own tutorial found HERE.)

Moving on, this tutorial is part one of a two-part series on using Layers. In this tutorial,  we will concentrate solely on using layers in PicsArt. Stay tuned for Part 2 if you have a copy of Photoshop Touch!

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Brand New Web Banners Hot Off the Press!

DBK has begun creating web banners, and my blog readers get first dibs!

Each style posted is available in any banner size,  and most are customizable to some extent.

These are 100% free! All that I ask is that you please ask me for my own banner to place at a location of your choice.

To request, just shoot me an email: designsbykittn at yahoo dot com
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Installing Custom Fonts on PicsArt

Onr of the main components of any decent design is the font used in any text.

The wrong font can ruin an otherwise perfect image.

Apps for your Android device come preloaded with the same fonts that everyone else is using. You wish to be unique. You wish to stand out. Right?
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Why, hello there gorgeous! Welcome to DBK’s blog.

A few months ago, I created Designs By Kittn on Facebook (facebook.com/designsbykittn) as a way to offer AFFORDABLE image branding to small business owners. I charged only what they could afford and not a penny more.

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